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Drawn Thread Embroidery

Drawn thread work is a form of embroidery where threads are removed from the warp. The remaining threads are worked together to form more or less sophisticated patterns. In Italy (Punto Tirato) it came in the 15th century, before needle lace.
 drawn thread
Drawn threads reworked with Reticella embroidery.
Hem Sitching
The begining of most drawn thread work is hem stitching.
triple row crossed drawn thread
Double row of triple crosssed stitch ended with plumetis.
Five times five threads are removed and three lefts. Motifs are excecuted with darning stitches.
The linear combination of square and crossed stitches on this antique linen fabric shows that sobriety goes with stylishness.
The use of many different stitches in the same work makes infinite and harmonious patterns
detail fancy drawn thread
Many differents stitches can be used in drawn thread works: The most basic ones are square stitch, crossed stitch or oblique stitch.

Nine lessons which takes you through the basic steps to create Drawn Thread Embroidery

multiple drawn threads rows
Multiple fancy dranw thread rows .
darning stitch for drawn thread
Covering undrawn threads with darning stitch makes the work much stronger.
drawn thread and cutwork art deco style
Drawn threads are often combined with others embroidery techniques.
Sophisticated drawn thread works
A more sofisticated down thread wotk from " Jour sur Toile" , DMC , Editions TH. de Dillmont.
Triple square stitch ended with spirit stitch.
Five rows of drawn threads on this artd deco style sheet
From the basic stitches many others were invented: curl stitch, flat stitch, mesh stitch , royal stitch.

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