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White Embroidery


English cutwork with scallop border English Cutwork: hand embroidered scalloped edge with English cutwork flowers in the rounds of the scallops venetian embroidery Venetian Embroidery: This is an embroidered imitation of Venetian Lace. The border is often made with fancy stitches as represented in the picture.
Richelieu Embroidery
Richelieu Embroidery : The French version of Venitian embroidery. Renaissance Embroidery Renaissance Embroidery: embroidery patterns, which are worked entirely in button-holing, and connected by button-hole bars without picots,
Madeira work Madeira Work : used to be known as English. The scallops are bordered with eyelet holes. Venetian Cutwork Embroidery Flat stich embroidery
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