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Boucle is a single cloth, dress goods fabric, weighing from 7 to 8 ounces per yard, 44 inches wide finished, and composed of plain and fancy twist (cotton) yarn in warp and filling, also having a worsted loop yarn in Uhe filling. Boucle is used principally as a novelty dress fabric for ladies' spring and fall suitings, the distinguishing feature of the cloth being the small loop in the filling yarn, which curls over the face of the goods.

Boucle fabric

COTTON BOUCLE is generally made with a fancy combination weave, and the all-wool grades with a straight twill weave. In the fabric boucle the loop yarn is always a worsted filling thread.twlatied with a single cotton thread, generally dyed black. The color effects are either solid color in warp and filling with the" loop yarn in contrast, or end and end patterns, created by using fancy colored cotton twist yarns. The colors most used are: Brown, dark blue, cadet blue, light green, drab, eta, or these same colors are twisted with a black thread for twist effects. Boucle is usually woven in the pick and pick loom, owing to the fact that there is never more than one pick of loop filling put in at one place, the arrangement generally being 4, 5, 6, 8 picks, cotton or cotton twist, to one pick of worsted loop yarn. The woven fabric (loom) of this name is very closely imitated by a knitted fabric of similar appearance, which is a light-weight grade of astrakhan.

THE KNITTED FABRIC is made of cotton yarns, wound in cone shape and placed upon the knitting frame, no warp being required, and the thread which forms the loop is a regular worsted thread, dyed black and wound upon a small bottle bobbin. The loops on the face of the cloth are formed by the loop wheels in the machine throwing the worsted thread between the stitching places, upon the face of the cloth In such a manner as to form a loop.
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