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Stripes Hickory Stripes

This is an all cotton light-weight fabric, averaging about five ounces per yard finished. Tn appearance it resembles ticking.although it is of lower texture and has a softer feel, due to the process of finishing. It is always woven with a — regular 45 degrees right-hand twill (warp effect) and in two colors, blue and white or brown and white in the warp and all white filling, thus forming warp stripe patterns. It is used in the rural mountain districts of a few of the middle and southern states as a material for men's pants and shirts, as these two garments constitute about all the clothing necessary in such sections for most all seasons of the year. It is A TOUGH PLIABLE FABRIC, having good wearing qualities and on the principle of economy is well adapted to the needs of the poorer white laboring class of the South.
This fabric is made of regular cotton yarns, l-14s and 1-16s warp and filling, and is woven to finish about 27 inches in width. It can be woven on any plain loom and is usually drawn in on cotton harness, as these are cheaper, in the estimation of the southern cotton manufacturer, as he can use up old stock in the spinning of cotton harness cord, and in this manner, to a certain extent, create a by-product as against the cost of equipping the plant with wire heddles and other necessary findings—harness rods, frames, etc. To finish hickory stripe, the cloth is taken from the loom and measured, then it is sheared, sized and pressed, it is then rolled or lapped and is ready to pack and ship.

stipes hickory stripes



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