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John Robshaw

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John Robshaw is a New York textile designer who after visiting India got the "Asian bug." Ronshaw spent years learning the local artisans' fabric-making traditions. India, Thailand, Indonesia and to a lesser extent the Philippines are the countries where he found inspiration. Mixing a variety of techniques and traditions he created his own style and developed a line of block printed linens and a bedding collection that are mostly produced by Indian workshops.

John Robshaw Texiles
245 West 29th St., Suite 1501
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.594.6006

john robshaw design
Alambra Coral
100% linen
John Robshaw testiles aleppo
Aleppo Indigo
100% linen
John Robshaw printed textile
Citadel Light Indigo
100% linen
john robshaw new york textiles
Chiang Mai Walnut
60% linen 40% cotton

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