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Arthur Lasenby Liberty opened a small shop in Regent Street London UK in 1875. Mostly an oriental import emporium in the beginning, the shop expanded to become one of the most famous department store in Europe:
1878: Liberty Art Fabric
1879: Umritza Cashmere
1883: Opening of a furnishing and decoration department
1884: Clothes 1887: First branch in Manchester, UK
1889: Jewelry and metal works
1894: becomes a public company.
Liberty of London was a department store that sold modern design of all kind. Liberty's main goal for his store "was to combine utility and good taste with modest cost." leading to a highly successful combination of art and industry. Liberty himself said that his store aimed for "the production of useful and beautiful objects at prices within the reach of all classes". Liberty art fabric was produced in collaboration with the dyers and printers of Thomas Wardle.

Liberty fabric: London
Liberty Fabric is one of the most recognizable printed textile design.
Liberty Fabric 2
Liberty fabric was originally inspired by by "Art Nouveau".
Liberty has a wonderful collection of paisley style designs.
Same paisley style with different colors.
The essential Liberty handwriting consist of colorfull patterned textiles .
Liberty has always marketed their designs as ‘Liberty Designs’.Most of the time we do not know the names of the designers
Libery categorized their fabrics with different names: Abstract,Conversational, Floral, Floral Conversational, Fruit, Geometric Floral, Leaf, Paisley.
This is a typical small-scale dainty floral pattern that characterized the Liberty style.
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