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Hat's Fashion

Paris 1780-1799

Hat 1786 Charlotte
Hat 786 Dugazon
Hat 1786 St James
Etching dated 1785. Hats were extravagant, using ribbon, exotic feathers and lace. " Miss Dugazon hat". Louise Rosalie Dugazon(1755-1821) was a ballet dancer, a singer and an actress at the Italian comedy. Beauté de Saint James.
Cherubin Hat 1786
Hat Figaro 1786
Minerve 1786 Hat
Cherubin was one of the most beloved Beaumarchais characters. He is a young page who takes love lighly. Figaro was the symbol of the change in social attitude. And this crazy hat shows how much creativity freedom was fashionable. All those prints were a way of advertise the French fashion in the world.
Saint Domingue Hat 1786
Charlottine hat 1786
Hat SC 1789
Chapeau Bostonienne 1985
Colonnie Hat 1785
Voltaire Hat 1785
"Chapeau à la Bostonienne". Being liberal was somewhere very fashionable and so was the american revolution. "Chapeau à la colonnie" "Chapeau à la Voltaire"
Minerve Coiffure 1785
Cherubin Hat 1784
1787 hat
Color prints were a mean to spread fashion in the end of the 18th century. The name of this hat was as complicated as the hat itselh: "Nouveau casque à la Minerve ou la Pucelle d'Orleans" . Chapeau à la Cherubin.  
Figaro Parveu Hat 1787
1799 hat
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