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Hats' Fashion in Italian Renaissance

gentille Da Fabiano
Domenincio Venice
Portrait of a Lady Florence 1760
A very simple hat in breaded silk painted in Florence in 1423 by Gentlile da Fabriano (1370-1427) . Fabriano is known for being one of the main painter of the Gothic style. This hat was painted in 1465 by Dominico Veneziano (1410-1461), a pupil of Fabriano . An example of the renaissance Italian "cuffia".
Angelo Bronzino
Domenicio 1616
Bronzino Hat 16th century
A very elegant renaissance coif by Bronzino. An evolution of the "Ghirlanda" in beautiful portrait of Saint Cecilia in the mannerist style by Domenichino (1581-1641) . The Ghirlanda was a kind of headdress decorated with silk, trims (here in gold threads), pearls. Green bronze Velvet, golden braid, pearls and silk veil . Painted by Bronzino ( 1503-1575) in Florence Italy
Hat Caravaggio
Hat Ecole de Fonatainebleau France

Caravaggio (1571-1610)
"What begins in the work of Caravaggio is, quite simply, modern painting."


In that painting by Caravaggio ( The Fortune Teller, Le Louvre) is the exuberance and style sophistication that influenced so much the hats of the end of the 18th century. "Nihil novi sub cielo" The French renaissance style was so much influenced by Italy: the french "beret" looks like very italian.
Ferrari Gaudenzio
Lucia Cambiaso
Lucrecia by Lotto
This extravagant hat looks like the oriental way. Painted by Ferrari Gaudenzio (1480-1546), one of the leading representative of the Lombard school. Very XIX th century this hat painted by Luca Cambiaso (1527-1585) Lucrecia by Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1556)
Charles IX by Clouet
Louise de Rillieu
Princesse de Cleves
Charles IX (1550-1574) King of France by Clouet. The religion wars darkened the French Renaissance.The style is more stern and rigorous . Louise de Rieux By Corneille de Lyon (1500-1575). Princeese de Cleves by Maitre AC
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