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Alencon lace 1792 Alencon Point

An elaborate needle lace produced in France from the 17th century.
Argentan lace needle-point france Argentan Point

A needle lace made in Argentan France. Production started during the reign of Louis XIV and has many common points with Alencon.
Flanders point Belgium lace

Belgian Lace

The original lace of Belgium is the old Flanders.

Binche Lace belgium

Binche Lace

A variety of bobbin laces made in Hainault Belgium. Similar to Valenciennes lace.

Bruges Lace

Bruges Lace

Bobbin lace, very fine, made in Bruges Belgium.

Napperon Brussels lace 1806

Brussels Lace

Needle laces, among which can be found, Point de Gaze, Belgium.

Chantilly sur Tulle lace

Chantilly Lace

The majority made of black silk, Chantilly lace was greatly esteemed for French fashion in the 19th c.

Valenciennes Lace

Valenciennes Lace

One of the finest of all French bobbin laces, Valenciennes lace was first made in the town for which it is named.

Venice point lace

Venice Lace.

Venice was the European capital for fashion at the end of the middle ages.

Honiton Flounce

Honiton Lace

Honiton is a small town in Devonshire which gave its name to a very fine bobbin lace in which strong floral motifs are joined to a net background.

Antwerp lace


Antwerp, though an old lace-making center, is remarkable for one type of peasant lace, the "potten kant"

Lille Lace

Lille & Arras Lace

Known for their strengh and low price Lille and Arras lace were extremely popular in England prior to the 19th c.

Le Puy bobbin lace

Le Puy Lace

Le Puy en Velay appears to be the most ancient of the French lace centers dating back to the sixteenth c.

irish bobbin lace 19th c.

Irish Lace

Both needle and bobbin laces were made in Ireland before the middle of the eighteenth century but never, apparently, on a commercial scale.

reticello point venice 16th c.

Reitcello Point

This is a kind of cutwork where squares of woven linen are cut and removed.

Milan Point

Milan Point

Milan point was justly celebrated in the seventeenth century. Lace was, however, known and made in Milan at a much earlier date.

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