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A simple embroidered crown symbolized nobility in Europe. It can be accompanied by letters or more sophisticated adornments such as a coat of arms or the family's motto. The United Kingdom had a very precise set of rules pertaining to crowns and coronets for the lower ranks of peerage. In continental Europe there are many different traditions.

Monogram Comte de Paris
Ducal crown with "fleur de lys" ( symbol of the French monarchy) used to monogram a comte de Paris tablecloth. End of 19th century.
Chiffre LP Louis Philippe d'Orléans
Ducal crown and double monogram LP for Louis Philippe d'Orléans, first comte de Paris.
Embroidered Comtal crown with spectaculat coat of arms
Spectacular embroidered comtal crown and coat of arms with two lions and three cathedral towers!!
Wonderful aristrocatic monogram with coat of arms and motto
Marquis' crown hold up by two angels. Above the crown, the motto " Godefidus atavis dedit" is finely embroidered.
Embroidered  crown and coat of arms
Comtal crown, coat of arms with two lions one upright and one lying down. Two embroidered mottos: " Potentia et virtute" ( power and courrage) and " an plus dru"
Crown and triple monogram FDC
Ducal crown and triple monogram LDC
Embroidered crown and fleur de lys
Embroidered marquis' crown with a quadruple monogram MPPS adorned by large fleurs de lys. Second half 19th century.
embroidered crown with monogram G
Comtal crown and monogram G
Episcopal crown with monograms
Episcopal crown and monogram on this chalice veil, 17th century.


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