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crowned quadruple monogram
A curious stylized crown and a quadruple monogram.
monogram kaiser wilhelmII
Imperial crown and monogram WR, as kaiser wilhelmII,1902, made by A.W Kisker in Bielfeld
 Red embroidered  crown with spectaculat coat of arms
The shield in the center features a star from the coat of arms of the counts Yrsch and an ibex head from the coat of arms of the Counts of Capri, with all around the text "Countess Countess Yrsch gebohrne Capric" 1840 . Germany
prince crown with a monogram AS.
Embroidered prince crown with a monogram AS. From the dowry of Agnes, Countess of Stolberg-Stolberg Grafin zu Stolberg-Stolberg, 1874 - 1940. Germany
Embroidered royal crown and monogram A
Embroidered royal crown and monogram A. Probably from the possession of Prince Arnulf of Bavaria Arnulf Duke of Bavaria, 1852 - 1907,
Prince crown monogram m
Prince crown with a monogram M
Embroidered crown and fleur de lys
Tablecloth with peony pattern and the monogram of the family v. Oheimb, Germany
count crown and monogram
Comtal crown and monogram RM, France 1865
duke of Paris embroidered crown
Embroidered Ducal crown that belonged to Comte of Paris, heir of the French crown.


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