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crowned quadruple monogram
A small ducal crown is featured on this magnificent damask tablecloth used ceremoniously to celebrate the hunt..
monogram kaiser wilhelmII
Monogram in an oval woven into a corner with an "M" and a crown over it, From the king Maximilian I.
Embroidered Comtal crown with spectaculat coat of arms
Spectacular Bidermeier table cloth 1850 with magnificent Biedermeier flower pattern on the edge of a broad and dense ribs from cottage garden flowers and grasses. In one corner, a red embroidered monogram "TW" with Baron crown.
 crown with monogram EV
A fancy crown with monograms EV on a damska tablecloth.
red embroidered crown
Small and unusual red embroidered ducal crown on a banquet tablecloth, 1907.
Table cloth from Arnulf Duke of Bavaria
Royal crown and monogram A probably for Arnulf Duke of Bavaria (1852-1907.) He was the youngest son of Prince Auguste Ferdinad of Austria Tuscany.
Biedermeier table cloth
Biedermeier table cloth with a comtal crown. 1850 Monogram TW
Maximilian I napkins.
Royal crown and monogram M for Maximilian IV Joseph King of Bavaria (1756-1825.)
Maximilian III napkins
Monogram M on a napkin of Elector of Bavaria Maximilian III ( 1727-1777.) He was the eldest son of Emperor Charles VII.


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