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    B monogram 16th c.
    Monogram "B", 16th c.
    B letter 12th c.
    Monogram "B", 12th c.
    letter a 1473
    Monogram "B",middle ages
    monogram b 15th c.
    Monogram "B" 15th c.
    monogram b 10thc.
    Monogram "B" 10th c.
    monogram 1490
    Monogram "B", 1490
    monogram b 1923
    Monogram "B", 1923
    monogram B
    Monogram "B" with wheat ears
    monogram b 1910.
    Monogram "B", circa 1900
    Medieval monogram b
    Medieval monogram "B"
    Bmonogram quadrados 16th c.
    Monogram "B" quadrados

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