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Monograms White Embroidery


Monogram JB
Monogram J M
Monogram L B
Monogram L C
Monogram L E
Monogram LL
Monogram L L Appenzell
Monogram L O
Monogram L P
Monogram L V
Monogram M
Monogram M J
Monogram M J S
Monogram M S
Monogram M V
Quadruple crowned monogram
Monogram R H
Triple monogram R P A
Round monogram R T
Irish monogram S T
Art-deco monogram J S
monogram T C
monogram t r
Triple monograms cpb
Triple monogram : The European tradition is that the central letter is the husband's name initial, the side letters are the first name initials of husband and wife. They are exceptions: A wife could monogram her personal things using a triple monogram, with the initials of her first name, maiden name and husband's name. The American tradition of the 19th century is different: P would be the family name, C the first name initial, B the middle name initial.
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