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  • Embroidered White Monograms: A


    monogram a
    white embroidered monogram ab
    Monogram AB, early 20th c. France
    Monogram ac
    Monogram "AC"
    monogram ad
    Monogram "AD", Eye-popping intricacy and simply gorgeous
    monogram ar
    This "AR" monogram becomes so ornate that it's like to puzzle to find the letters in the intricacy of the design
    monogram am
    Sober, but not without a little twinkle, this monogram "AM" adorns a fine linen pocket square.


    Stunning ! An excellent example of the outlining style used for large letters which were then filled in with embroidered point de sable dots.
    This monogram, embroidered on the finest lawn linen hanky, is a masterpiece of delicacy and minutiae.
    Early 20th c. AG measuring 9 x 7 inches and embroidered in high relief of plumetis.
    Monogram AL embroidered in bourdon and accented withdaisies done in plumetis and post point
    monogram ab
    Lovely small and unobtrusive AB monogram , with a hunting theme incorporated in the damask
    monogram ac
    A playful use of leaves and berries makes for a beautiful and whimsical design!
    monogram al
    The roses of that appear in the border embroidery are picked up as tiny accents in each letter

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