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  • Embroidered White Monograms: C


    monogram c
    Monogram CA
    white embroidered monogram cv
    Monogram CV, early 20th c. France
    Monogram CB
    french monogram cs
    Monogram "CS"
    monogram cv
    Monogram "CV"
    embroidered monogram cc
    Embroidered monogram "CC"
    CE monogram
    Monogram "CE"
    Monogram CM
    Early 20th c. onogram "CM"
    monogram ci
    Monogram "CI"
    monogram CP
    Monogram "CP", embroidered in Germanic style letters in a very important relief of bourdon.
    monogram cr
    Monogram "CR" encased in a frame of embroidered pearls and embellished with pretty open-faced daisies.
    cg French monogram
    Typical Art-Deco Monogram "CG"
    monogram cs
    Monogram "CS", embroidered in fine bourdon and post point, entwined and superimposed.

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