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Monograms White Embroidery


Monogram W C art-deco
Wonderful monogram WC inspired by German gothic letters
Monogram D L 1902 on a marriage sheet
Central monogram DL in bourdon embroidery which is encircled by a lovely garland of Richelieu and English cutwork embroidered flowers
Circle art-deco monogram TM
A wonderful art- deco monogram TM where a geometric style is based on the perfect circle symbol of purity and fecundity
Monogram MV
Eceptional monogram MV 1900
Mongram H L art-deco 1930
An art- deco monogram HL embroidred in a circle. The more tailored style of the H was likely for the man's name.
Large embroidered mongram MA 1910
Monogram MA in plumetis, very prominent and embelished by a spray of embroidered flowers. early 20th c.
Monogram T R 19th c.
Unique design of stylized embroidery around the border and a large, delicately executed monogram TR. Late 19th c
Monogram DA
Monogram DA geometric 1935
Double monogram AA art nouveau
Monogram AA art nouveau.
Monogram AG circular
Circular monogram AG 19th c.
Monogram MV art-deco geometrical
An MV art deco embroidered monogram on a fine ecru linen sheet
Monogram RT
Enormous central monogram with the letters "TR" interlaced in bourdon and post point embroidery and framed by a spectacular oval garland depicting bunches of grapes on the vine.
Monogram Bébé for baby
Embroidered bébé (baby) signature.
Monogram B M
Monogram BL
Monogram BéBé on baby's  pillow sham
Art-deco monogram RR
Monogram AL
Monogram A E
Monogram tr
Double monogram J S
Triple monogram FDC with crown
The symbol of aristocratic name is the crown related to the family title.
Crowned monogram EV
Triple monogram R F C
monogram B P
Monogram B R
Monogram CH
Crowned monogram G
Crowned monogram L
Double monogram H J
Monogram ma
monogram E S
monogram fl
Monogram H J 1912
Monogram Isabelle
Monogram Jane
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