A Textile Lover's Diary

Hester Ann Posey's Sampler 837 USA

Below family record, pyramidal monument (memorial to deceased sister) flanked by rosebushes and butterflies, under weeping willow tree, on ground-line worked in "crinkled" silk. To left of monument, verse in square outline, all lettering black. Border of geometric flowering vine on all four sides. Silk embroidery thread on linen ground. STITCHES: cross, crosslet, satin, stem. THREAD COUNT: warp 28, weft 31/in. Inscriptions: "A Family Reccord Nathaniel and Margaret Pof[s]ey The Parent's of thof[s]e Children SoPhia Maria Pof[s]ey born Oct 8th 1813 Fredrick Jerome Pof[s]ey born Feb 28 1815 Margaret Pof[s]ey born Dec 19th 1816 John Pittf[s] Pof[s]ey born Oct 12 1818 Mary Jane Pof[s]ey born Dec 3d 1820 Hester Ann Pof[s]ey born Dec 28 1822 Nathaniel Boliver Pof[s]ey born April 11 1827 Henry Clay Pof[s]ey born Aug 14 1829" To left of monument in square: "Weep not my frien df[s]. af[s] you paff[ss] by. af[s] you are now. f[s]o once Waf[s] I. af[s] i am now. So you muf[s]t be. prepare to meet me in Eternity." Embroidered on the monument are the following words:Below monument: "Hester. Ann. Poseyf[s] Sampler Finished in the 15.th year of her age. A.D. 1837." Background: Hester was born on December 28, 1822, to Nathaniel and Margaret Posey. Nathaniel and Margaret Kemp were married on October 9, 1812, in Frederick, Maryland. Hester was a teacher and did not marry. Measurements: Overall: 25 1/4 x 27 in.; 64.135 x 68.58 cm Maker(s): maker: Posey, Hester Ann maker: Posey, Hester Ann Date Made: 1837 Place Made: Maryland, Frederick
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