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18. Jahrhundert Kreuzstich Sampler, stickmuster

Needlework samplers from Northern Germany usually have the format of wide rectangles or squares with several rows of alphabets and numbers at the top and a nice border running around. There they resemble samplers from the Netherlands. Many North German samplers as well as the Dutch ones display flower-pot motifs, very popular at that time, that were probably taken over directly from the tiles imported in thousands and thousands. The close connection of needlework lessons (a main subject at that time) to the Protestant Church (after the reformation maiden schools were demanded in the regulations of the Church) is an explanation for the variety of religious motifs and symbols on north German samplers: Adam and Eve, Josuah and Caleb, Jacob's fight with the angel, Daniel in the lion's den, the crucifixion� In addition, one can find a great many of secular motifs from the schoolgirls' experience on those works - such as ships, pieces of furniture, village views, working maids and farmhands. Often the bright colours give a cheerful appearance to the North German samplers. Exceptions amongst those samplers are formed by samplers from the Vierlande, from the marsh land around the town of Winsen south of the river Elbe and from the Stralsund area.


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German Samplers

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