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17th c. English Samplers
18th c. English Samplers
19th c . English Samplers
17th c. US Samplers
18th c. US Samplers
19th c. US Samplers

French Samplers
Continental samplers

Continental Europe

The earliest dated sampler, German work of the year 1618
Lucke Boten Sampler 1618 Germany
Silk embroidered sampler. 1677. Probably Germany.
a sampler of ythe 18th century. The style is very different from the English one. Netherland or Germany.
A rare sampler from Switzerland. 1801
Swiss sampler 1801
German sampler ( probably south Germany) End of the 17th century. Silk embroidery on a linen ground.
German sampler, end of the 18th century. Very typical of the German style with a horizontal line structure.
A sampler from Switzerland, 1710, St Gallen Museum.
a charming sampler made in 1775 in Flanders.
Danemark 1798
Danemark 1751.
Germany 1751
Germany 1775