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Earlist Appearance of Various Designs in US

Cir. 1610        Alphabet (part).   Anne Oower.
Cir. 1610        Name of maker.   Anne Oower.
Cir. 1610        Alphabet in eyelet-stitch.   Anne Oower.
1630-40  Verse.   Loara Standish.
1708       House and tree (doubtful).
1714       Church (doubtful).
1718       Pot of flowers.
1718       Use of "carpet."    "Ashur" and "Elisha."     Mary Leavitt.
1720        Numerals.
1721       First border used as a frame.    Mary Daintery.
1730       Shepherdess.    Mary or Martha Bulyn.
1738       Lord's Prayer and Creed in Tablets.   Hannah Trecothick.
1738       Queen-stitch.

  • Adam and Eve.
  • House.    Does not appear often until 1766.
  • 1743       Multiplication Table.   Mary Ellis.
    1747       Grapes of Eschol.
    1750       Applique^ dress and real hair.
    1752       Abraham and Isaac.    South Carolina.
    1754       Heart.
    1756       Eagle.
    1763       Revival of lace-work, "hollie-point," "darned lace," and drawn-work.
    1766       House.

      1. Genealogical sampler.
      2. Map.    France.    Frances Brenton.

    1778       First Public Building.   Brown University and the Old State House, Providence,
    Rhode Island.
    1780       Painted Sampler.      John Mason.
    1791       Anchor.

    1799        Public Buildings.   Liberty Hall.   Ann Macomber

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