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Jean Revel

( 1684-1751)

Jean revel Portrait by Nanotte

Jean Revel, a clever draughtsman, weaver, designer and entrepreneur was a innovateur, multi-talented, and key figure of the silk industry in Lyon in the 18th century. He did much work to improve the mechanism of the loom and he invented the "Point rentré" by which colors were dove-tailed in tones, giving an astonishing effect of relief when drawn skilfully.The possibility of enhanced pictorial effects was quickly exploited by other designers and weavers who delighted in creating a profusion of everlarger motifs including lush florals and foliage, ripe fruits, shells and architectural elements. A design of 1735 by Revel was asquired by Anna Maria Garthwaite.

Jean Revel Entrepreneur and  Designer

Jean Revel (1684-1751) produced a number of Chinoiserie silk designs in the early Rococo style from the mid-1750s.

Jean Revel Lyon 18th century

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Jean Revel: Silk designer, Fine artist or Entrepreneur? in the Journal of Design History no 2 1995

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