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Marie Gudme Leth

Marie Gudme Leth was born in Arhus, Denmark in 1910. She studied fine arts at the Copenhagen Royal Art Academy. From 1931 to 1948 she was in charge of the textile department at the Art Craft School of Copenhagen. In 1934 she visited a German textile factory that was using a new printing process, screen-printing, a process that allowed the printing of fabric at a very low cost. In 1935 she was one of the founders of the Danish textile company, Dansk Katttuntrykkeri. She designed many floral pattern fabrics. And as a result of her work, Danish printed fabrics appeared in ordinary Danish homes for the very first time.

Marie Gudme Leth Fabric
Bregner, 1935
Marie Gudme Leth Floral Fabric 1946
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