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William Moriss

William Morris is a cult designer in the English art world. He was a multi-faceted man of amazing energy, a revolutionary designer, a poet, weaver, embroiderer, businessman, calligrapher, manufacturer of furniture, stained glass, tapestries, wallpaper , chintzes and an active socialist. Born at Walthamstow in a wealthy family he was educated in the most exclusive English Schools ( Malborough, Exeter College Oxford). At Oxford where he studied theology, he founded a secret society " The Brotherhood" with Edward Burne Johnes and Dante Gabriel Rosetti. Their idea was to rebell against the Royal Academy , the Mannerist and conservative art. They thought that Raphael style ( Hence the name Pre-Raphaelites) had been a corrupting influence on the teaching of art in England. At the same time he developped love for the Middle Ages. In 1855 he visited the gothic cathedrals of the north of France with Burnes-Jones. Romantic Medievalism informs Morris's arts and crafts work and the books from his Kelmscott Press.

Rose and Thistle 1883
Tulip and Willows 1873
Windrush 1881
Tulip and Roses 1876
Windrush 1881
Willow - Boughs 1887
Willow - Boughs 1887
Strawberry Thief 1883
Medway 1885
Lodden 1884
Pink and Roses 1893
Lodden 1884
Snake head 1876
Jasmine 1872
Honey Suckle 1883

Further Readings

William Morris Books:
The Defence of Guenevere and Other Poems (1858),
The Earthly Paradise (1868–1870
News from Nowhere (1890)


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