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Charles Francis Annesley Voysey


Charle francis Annesley Voysey portrait

C.F.A Voysey is a leading Art & Craft Movement designer and architect.He was influenced by the Art Nouveau Movement. He was born i Hessle, near Hull in-Yorkshire, the son of a schoolmaster who become Vicar of Healaugh. Although C.F.A Voysey disliked modern architecture his style was characterized by its simplicity and the abandon of historical tradition. He is well known for his designs for fabrics, wallpaper, furniture and stained glass. As an architect he also designed many country houses.


The textiles designed by Charles Francis Annesley Voysey were made by Alexander Morton, G. P. & J. Baker, A. H. Lee, J. W. & C. Ward, Stead McAlpin, Thomas Wardle, Turnbull & Stockdale, Donald Brothers, Foxton's, Templeton's, Tomkinson & Adam and to the shops Liberty's, Story's and Wylie & Lochead
His style was particularly well suited to block-printing.
"Simplicity in decoration is one of the essential qualities without which no true richness is possible." C.F.A Voysey
Seagulls 1895
The Nure 1899
Fool Parsley 1907
Purple Bird 1898
Silk & Wool
Manufacturer: Alexander Morton
Liberty &CO
A Carpet designed by C.F.A Voysey
Charles Francis Annesley Voysey was also a well-known architect. He designed Broad Leys, Bowness on Windermere.
Alice in Wonderland 1920