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Jacqueline Groag



Jacqueline Groagh by John Garner, 1957
Jacqueline Groag by John Garner, 1957

Jacqueline Groag was born in Czechoslovachia in 1903. She studied textile design with Josef Hofmann in Vienna in the 1920's. She designed textiles for the Wiener Werkstatte in Vienna in the 30's. She received a gold medal at the Paris World fair in 1937. She designed textiles for the leading fashion houses in Paris, including Chanel , Jeanne Lanvin et Paul Poiret. In 1939 she imigrated with her husband jacques Groag, an architect,in the United Kingdom.

Jacqueline Groag 1953




family Outing 1954 Jacqueline Groag

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