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    Junichi Arai has been one of the most creative textile designer and weaver in Japan in the second half of the 20th c. Its works are the combination of traditional crafts, knowledge of modern chemistry, and new technology.

    Jun-Ichi arai fabric

    Personal History

    1932 Born in Kiryu City 1961

    Awarded a commerce industry Cabinet minister prize in the first chemical fiber fair
    1966 Developed numerous new textile techniques and holds patents for more than 36 processes 1968
    Toured Central America, Eastern Europe, South Asia and other countries as textile adviser
    1979 Began developing the structure of computerized special coat arms textile
    1984 Founded "Functional Textile Shop "Nuno" at the Axis building in Tokyo

    1985 Exhibited artwork and participated in "TEXTILE FOR THE 80's" (RISD/USA)

    1996 Guest professor at "Tama Arts University"
    1997 The super micron fiber made of stainless steel metal proposed as new field of industry
    1998 Exhibition "Textile of Imagination" (Gan Gouji, Nara: Temple of World Heritage)
    1999 "Jun-Ichi Arai" brand opens in a Kiryu store   2000 Artwork and proposal for the optical catalyst function of titanium metal were made
    2002 Guest Professor at "Renmin University of China" 2003 Exhibition "Nuno - Transparency and Reflection - 2004 Exhibition "Jun-ichi Arai" at gallery gen in NY


    Junichi Arai Portrait

    Work held in permanent collection

    American Craft Museum
    Bolose Textile History Museum
    Carnegie Museum
    Cooper-Hewitt NY
    National Design Museum
    Dallas Museum
    Museum of Modern Art
    Okawa Museum
    The Performing Arts Center in Columbus, Georgia Philadelphia Museum
    Power House Museum
    Saint Louise Museum
    Victoria and Albert Museum
    Yetepori Museum

    SOURCE: Jun-Ichi Arai