Luiven Rivas-Sanchez

(Born 1957)

portrait of Luiven Rivas-Sanchez

Luiven Rivas-Sanchez is a Venezeluan textile designer and manufacturer who works and lives in the United Kingdom. He designed prints for John Galliano, Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons, Richmond-Cornejo, Deborah Milner and Jasper Conran. Luiven Rivas-Sanchez was commissioned to design couture prints for Bianchini-Ferrier in Lyon, France. He has also created his own t-shirt label called "Blooming England" while working for The T-Chest in the UK.

luiven Rivas-Sanchez printed textile

Silk Screen. Cotton Poplin designed for Katharine Hamnett, 1986

Luiven Riva-sanchez textile designed for John Galiano 1984

Vulture Print. Brushed Cotton, deisgned for John Galiano in 1984

Luiven Rivas Sanchez is also a painter who paints and designs using acid free acrylic-titanium framed canvases in organically grown linen/cotton and natural pigment pastes from Couleurs des Plantes from France.

painting by Luiven Rivas Sanchez

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