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Arthur Silver (1853-1896) started the Silver Studio in 1880 with his two sons, Rex and Harry. They started designing furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, floor covering as well as tradecards and metalwork. Arthur died as he was 43 and his son Rex took over the studio at the age of 17 years old! The Silver Studio based in West London completed more than 20000 design scheme for different items .

Harry Napper for Silver Studio

Harry Napper for Silver Studio

Harry Napper served as Design Manager until he left in 1898. In 1900 Rex took full control with help from the younger Harry who had trained under the Studio's two most outstanding designers of the late 19thc. Napper and J I Kay. The Studio was highly successful and all the leading British textile manufacturers bought their designs. Among these were Stead McAlpine, Liberty's, Alexander Morton, A H Lee, Archibald Knox to name just a few. The Studio's work was particularly popular abroad in Europe and America. The Studio's library, records and unsold designs were given to Middlesex University where they are housed in the Museum of Domestic Architecture (MODA). This design in the archives of the Silver Studio at MODA.

Silver Studio 1895: Poppies

Poppies 1895



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Museum of Domestic Architecture (MODA)